Nadal Newsmail Update

Nadal News Update – December 2018

There is so much to report, but much of what there is to report can’t be put in this update! It’s been quite a year – with its many ups and downs, rather like a roller coaster. But it seems to be finishing on an « up » – hurray! I would ask you to continue to pray for us – for our health both physical and mental – as we go into the new year with all its challenges and hopefully blessings and answered prayer.

Dan and I continue to be involved in our local church in Eymet. On occasion I’m asked to lead worship and both of us help with the weekly Bible readings. Dan was voted on to the Core Reflexion Group of the church, and the group has met twice to discuss the direction and future of the our church, Fresh Expressions. Last Saturday I organized a Christmas market at the church to help raise funds for some very necessary renovation, especially getting some heating installed in the 200 year-old building. I invited some ladies to come sell their wares from the Allemans craft group I attend, these ladies not being church goers.They had a great time selling and fellowshipping with the church people in attendance. I caught one friend singing along to a Christmas carol about Jesus’ birth, all the while knowing that she’s a self proclaimed atheist! Wonders never cease. Another friend wrote « Your Church has a lovely and welcoming atmosphere and I enjoyed my day there. »

While I’m off at my different activities in the community, mostly crafts and tennis, Dan is busy doing odd jobs around the house and preparing his sermons and teachings which he’s been asked to give regularly in two different churches in the area. Plus he continues to be faithful every Thursday morning at an open air market in our area with a Bible stand and a smile. Our good friend Jean-Louis who has a Bible stand in our area as well, on Monday morning, visits and encourages Dan every Thursday, and Dan reciprocates.

Nadal News Update – October 2017

Life in the country – This is a new chapter in our lives and ministry in France. We’ve been living in a rural setting (between Bordeaux and Toulouse, France) since March. We’re appreciating God’s creation in nature all around us, more than ever before. Our two cats, Horatio and Fitz, are loving the wide open spaces of the fields and woods around us, filled with all sorts of play things/food – mice, lizards and bugs. In recent months we seen on average a deer or two a week in a mile radius around our house, and until recently we had a pheasant family living nearby. It’s hunting season again so the pheasant/wild boar/deer populations are liable to diminish until next spring. We have a charted and marked nature trail just next to our house so it’s common to see people walk by or ride by on horseback on the dirt road bordering our property. I’m hoping to make the time in my busy schedule to make the walk too before the bad weather sets in.

We are also adjusting to country church life. We are attending a small English-speaking Anglican church 3 miles from our home in a town where a third of the inhabitants are British! The worship service style is different than what we have been used to in the past, but the believers love the Lord and seek to be a light in the rural area. I’ve been involved in playing worship before and during the weekly prayer meeting on Thursday afternoon. I usually play guitar and sing (in French) for about 20 minutes prior to the meeting while Julia, one of the church leaders, serves coffee to city workers. The vision of the prayer meeting is to receive the town’s people for their prayer needs. Dan holds his Bible and book stand on the same street as the church on Thursday morning during the weekly open air market. He’s having a great time sharing his faith with those who stop at the stand as well as with his fellow vendors.

Because of my experience in prayer house ministry, almost the first thing I thought of when entering the old Reformed church building where we hold our services was « this place is a house of prayer »! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the leaders of the church have a prayer house vision. So in September I asked if I could start a prayer watch once a week, in that vision. I was given the green light to go. Because the doors of the church stay open during any and all meetings that we have there, people can come in at any time to either visit the historic 200 year old building or to chat with those of us inside. During my prayer watches I may come in contact with people who need ministry. Because of this it is required by the Diocese of the Church of England in Europe that I follow a quick internet training in « safe-guarding » (knowing how to minister to/help people who are abused that come into the church), and I was asked to procure my « casier judiciaire » or virgin arrest record to prove that I was not some criminal working her way into the center of ministry in the Aquitaine region of France! It’s a bit over the top, but I have nothing to hide and all to learn and want very much to serve the Lord and His people in this area of France. If these are the hoops I need to go through, so be it!

Meanwhile Dan is staying in touch with other church groups in meeting in the area. He attends the Tuesday night Bible study the local Assembly of God church has in a town nearby, and he attends the bi-monthly Free Evangelical Church home group meeting nearby. He’s often asked to help in sharing the word or in ministry at these meetings.

Nadal News Update – July 2017

Four months ago we moved to the country house Dan built in 1986. It’s been an adjustment – from city life to living in rural France – from a large city well-established French evangelical church to a small town English-speaking Protestant church plant – from Dan and I ministering through ministries based in Toulouse to us ministering through a Bible stand ministry, friendship evangelism, helping in worship at the weekly prayer meetings and Sunday worship services and doing renovation work on the 200-year old Reformed church building we are meeting in! The transition has been gradual, but we finally feel like we are fitting in to our new environment.

This coming week the whole church is mobilized to receive many visitors before, during and after the start of a Tour de France bike race stage, this Wednesday. We are expecting thousands of visitors to the city of Eymet (6 km from where we live), where the population is already 1/3 British (900 Brits out of 2,700 inhabitants!) for this event. Our church is getting a toilet installed! Yes, the church went 200 years without one. Progress! One of Dan’s cousins, Emmanuel, is doing the plumbing. Dan has worked to get the floor ready for the all important day of toilet installation. More importantly, new banners were made for the otherwise bare walls of the church, inside and out. The church doors will be open every day next week, with greeters ready to hand out bottles of water, and also on hand for prayer.

Dan has been quite busy with the two renovation projects he’s a part of – our house and the church, plus he’s helping our son Jeremiah finish building his house. In his “free time” Dan has been working on connecting with different church groups in the area. He recently preached at a Free Evangelical church in the area, and he shared the Word at a Bible study.
I’ve been busy with my quilt projects, going to a British ladies craft group, while trying to stay cool on the hot days. In addition to my shop on I will be sharing space in a “pop up store” in my area for a week. The pop up store allows local artisans to sell their wares by renting the store a week at a time. My friend Mandy and I will be having our store in August.

Nadal News Update – March 2017

We moved at the end of February from Toulouse to the family house 2 hours west to start our new life in the country! Dan built this house 30 years ago when we first moved to France. He transformed a barn into a home that sits on about half an acre of land. The move has been a real challenge. We moved into the already-furnished house, having brought most of our furniture as well. We’ve spent these past weeks going through what was already here, what we brought and have been deciding what to keep, what to give away and what to sell. We just sold an extra sleeper couch today via the internet. The other challenge to this move is that our oldest son, Jeremiah, has been living in this country house for the past 5 years. He is presently building his own house in the area, but for the time being we are living with him. He too has accumulated a lot of stuff, and the garage and attic are half-filled with his stuff – car parts and tools among other things. Dan has been helping him build his house, and now that we are living in the area, he will be more available to get it done as soon as possible!

When we started our missionary work here 30 years ago Dan set up a stand with Bibles and Christian books in several local open-air markets to be a Christian witness in an area which only has a few evangelical churches in a 30-mile radius. Dan has been getting ready to do this ministry again. He needs a permit now so he’s having to go through the hoops for that. Then he’ll be buying a foldable table and an overhead tent. Pray for him in this new endeavor.

Since January I’ve sold 18 quilts via my Etsy shop (, and now that we’ve moved I’ve been able to set up a sewing room to get to work on replenishing my shop with new quilts. Plus Dan has decided to try to sell some of my quilts on his Bible stand.

Our intention is to continue, at a reduced level, our ministry in Toulouse while the Lord shows us what He has for us in our new area. We attended an modern Anglican church service (in English) last Sunday in a town about 4 miles away. The church has been using the local Reformed church building. Many Brits have moved into this area over the past 30 years to the point where now this nearby town has a British grocery store, gift shop, café and church service! We enjoyed the service. Please pray that the Lord lead us during this transition period.

January 2017

Thank you for praying for Dan’s recent mission trip to Algeria.

Many of you wanted to hear that he made it home safely, and I’m happy to say that he is home now after 2 days in Algeria!

His main task was to bring Bibles to the underground church in Algeria. He and his traveling partner brought a total of forty Arabic Bibles which they wrapped prior to traveling in Christmas wrapping paper.

They were greeted at the airport by a local Christian. They immediately handed over the Bibles. The next day they visited with a few local church leaders who shared about their experiences as believers in Algeria. They shared how their printing press has been shut down by the government, but they have since restarted it up, printing mostly Christian literature. It’s clandestine since freedom of the press in Algeria is non existent. The government has tightened up on travel as well so Dan and his partner weren’t able to travel outside of Algiers like Dan did the first trip there. One of the local leaders also shared about how there is a continuing revival going on in the Kabile region of Algeria. Pray for that to keep going and for many to come to Christ.

Please pray that the Bibles be an encouragement and blessing to those who receive them.

Please continue to pray for Dan now that he’s back in France. He is working on getting our house ready to move into end of February. We are moving back to the place our ministry time in France started 30 years ago. Pray for Dan to be encouraged, strengthened, and healthy as he works to ready our house by doing some renovation work. Pray for someone to come along to help him since so far in this endeavor he’s been alone, and he’s very stressed out.

Pray for a smooth transition for us from ministry in Toulouse to ministry in the French countryside! Pray for our safety and strength for the move. So much is going on, and it can be stressful just thinking about it!

I’m presently in the US, in Southern California visiting with my sister. My time here hasn’t been just sunshine either. We’ve had record rains and some flooding in the neighborhood of my sister’s house. I was supposed to go up to the San Bernardino Mountains last weekend to minister in the Running Springs AOG church, but I couldn’t go because there is too much snow and too much “snow bunny” traffic. I have one more week in Southern Cal before flying to Florida to see my daughter. Pray that the Lord helps me to use the time wisely!

Nadal News Update – June 2016

Summer is here! Now let the warm weather come…

France has had some unusually cool weather, and it fell at a bad time for us this year. Dan and his brother Chris, come over from California, have been building our son Jeremiah a house, American-style with wood framing. In May they built our son Zack a new roof on the house he bought last year. Dan has been staying at the family country house during the week for the past several weeks while working, and I’ve been going more recently as well to be the « crew chef » for the tired men. While there I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with some quilt projects, and I’ve been doing some housecleaning as well (exciting stuff!)

We are temporarily back in Toulouse for a few days, firstly to attend the Neil Young concert at the hall around 1 mile from our home. Dan and I haven’t been to a rock concert together since 1977! It was a lot of fun, and we even walked home since the evening was so unusually warm.

More importantly we are back in Toulouse because Dan will be going in for a biopsy on a growth in his prostate on Thursday. For now it’s just a precaution, but please keep him in your prayers!

We head back to the home construction later this week. I will be coming back next Monday because we are starting a summer of intercession (that I will be leading) at the Healing Rooms ministry every Monday night. The hope is to see more breakthrough in our lives as individuals as well as in this ministry locally and nationally.

I will also be sewing 4 banners for the Healing Rooms ministry conferences, for decoration purposes. Pray that I be inspired for this job as well.

I’ve taken a further « baby step » in my quilt (tent-making) business. I’ve opened a shop on Etsy at: Even if you aren’t interested in buying anything yourself, please visit the shop and please pass on the info to your friends. The money I make by selling my work will help us to continue ministering in France. Many of the items I am selling have a spiritual significance. Some were designs inspired through time spent in the local prayer house. If you would like for the cost of the article you buy to be a tax-deductible gift, you can email at and we can work out the details on how to do that.

Despite working hard building a house, Dan continues to be involved in the local church, preaching on occasion, helping with evangelism, and also helping with Open Doors ministry locally.

Nadal News Update – November 2015

Dan’s been counting the days until he retires!  He retires at the end of the year, but he stops working most likely at the end of November.  In the meantime in his free time his main occupation is the persecuted church.  This last weekend he went up to Paris for an Open Doors conference.  In a few weeks time Dan will be presenting the prayer needs and updates on the persecuted church in a local Baptist church during their Sunday service.

I continue to be involved in the Healing Rooms ministry of Toulouse and every first and third Monday afternoon our team receives people for prayer for healing.  Realizing the many of these people, even though they are healed, struggle with walking in victory.  So I’ve offered to give a basic teaching based on the Neil Anderson books, “Victory over Darkness” and  “The Bondage breaker”.  I’ll start that series in February or March 2016.  This month I’ll be teaching on obstacles to healing at our healing rooms training.

I continue to be involved in our church’s prayer house.  I’m currently leading two watches with the themes “life projects” and “Food Bank ministry”.  In a few weeks our church will be hosting a prayer house weekend inviting all the prayer houses of France to come for ministry, fellowship and teaching.

In my spare time I’m busy working on sewing prayer-inspired patchwork wall hangings to sell at our church’s arts and crafts Christmas sale.  What I don’t sell in December I’ll be bringing to the U.S. and selling there in January 2016.
Nadal News Update – September 2015

Summer seems to have gone by quickly. Dan took off work for 5 weeks to help renovate the house our son, Zack, bought recently. That meant replacing the ceilings in the two bedrooms, the kitchen and the dining room. The floors were redone in the bedroom, and tile laid in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Dan replaced the old bathtub with an Italian shower, plus he replaced the sink and toilet. And he cut out part of the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room. Two new windows plus a new front door have been ordered and will need to be installed later this month. Zack ordered a whole new kitchen which will arrive near the end of the month.

In the meantime, our youngest son, Marc-Antoine, who just received a master’s degree in Math, recently found out that he completed the wrong Math program so despite the fact that he has a master’s degree in Math he will still need to complete another year of school which specializes in training teachers before he can get a job teaching. One thing positive in this situation is the assurance that he will most likely find a job at a school in Toulouse as opposed to what many have experienced, that of being sent far from home for their first teaching assignment. So he will be still living with us for this next school year. It’s a good thing I didn’t already rent out his room!

Meanwhile, Dan continues to be involved in promoting prayer for the persecuted church and ministry to former Muslims. His trip to Tunisia was a success. The Bibles were delivered, and the Lord watched over him and his travelling companion while in that nation. We need to continue to pray for Tunisia since they continue to have terrorist activity there. You may or may not remember that the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa started in Tunisia, and the nation hasn’t been at peace since then. Dan has been splitting his church attendance between two local churches. The pastor of one of them (Asdean, to Dan’s right in photo above) is a former Muslim. He and Dan share the passion to minister to Muslims sharing with them Good News of Jesus Christ and to encourage former Muslims in their faith.

I continue to help out at the prayer house. The Melchizedek prophetic school will be starting up again for three months at our church. I will be helping with cooking noon meals for the students, and we will be housing a couple from Paris who will be attending. (Because we are using our guest room to lodge this couple I needed to move all my sewing stuff into the loft – a move that took several hours and some creativity!) We are trying to find ways to bring in extra income because when Dan retires from his job here in France the pension he will get will be just a fraction of his present salary. Because of this I will be also making patchwork wallhangings to sell in December at the artisan fair in our church. Pray that I’m inspired with my « creations ». Much of my inspiration comes while at the prayer house. Whatever I don’t sell in France I will bring to the states in January to sell. In the three above photos you see a few examples of my work.


Nadal News Update – July 2015

Dan has been busy with work, ministry and helping out our sons, Zack and Jeremiah, with their housing plans.  Zack, 26, just bought his first house, located about 20 minutes outside of Toulouse.  It’s a fixer upper, and since he just got the keys a few weeks ago Dan has made several trips there with some leftover building materials he got from his job (wood, insulation, etc.), and the renovations have started.  Dan and Zack are so excited!  Jeremiah, 35, just bought a lot near his work and plans on building a house on it when all the paperwork goes through.  It could take as much as 6 months for that to happen.  By then Dan will be retired and ready for action, hopefully done with the renovations on Zack’s place and ready to frame Jeremiah’s place.  In the meantime, Marc-Antoine, just finished the Master’s Math and Education program at a University in Toulouse and is waiting to find out the results of the national education placement test to see where he will be able to get a job teaching.  It looks pretty sure that he will be moving out this summer as well.

Meanwhile, Dan continues to be involved in promoting prayer for the persecuted church and ministry to former Muslims.  His trip to Tunisia was a success.  The Bibles were delivered, and the Lord watched over him and his travelling companion while in that nation.  We need to continue to pray for Tunisia since they continue to have terrorist activity there.  You may or may not remember that the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa started in Tunisia, and the nation hasn’t been at peace since then.

I continue to help out at the prayer house.  We just held a 3-month training time, and I was an overseer for 2 of the trainees, helping them to learn the functioning of the prayer house watches and  helping them learn what it is to be a « watcher » at the prayer house.  We are continuing our prayer watches this summer.  As a part of this internship we held a 48 hours of non-stop prayer and worship.  I led 2 2-hour sessions and supervised 2 other 2-hour sessions.  More than 100 people took part in this 48 hours, and we’ll be holding another in autumn.

Because the prayer house is open from morning into the evenings, people can come and go as they please.  We’ve had visitors come in to pray, some who don’t yet know the Lord.  One such visitor was a young man named Damien, who came in during a worship watch.  He told me after that he came because he was a peace there and sensed God’s presence!

This September the Melchizedek prophetic school will be starting up again for three months.  I will be helping with cooking noon meals for the students, and we will be housing a couple from Paris who will be attending.  We are trying to find ways to bring in extra income because when Dan retires from his job here in France the pension he will get will be just a fraction of his present salary.  Because of this I will be also making patchwork wallhangings to sell in December at the artisan fair in our church.  Pray that I’m inspired with my « creations ».  Much of my inspiration comes while at the prayer house.

Thank you all for your prayers for Dan’s health.  We have good news.  He just saw the urologist this last week who told him that all is well, that there are no signs that the cancer came back!    Dan will see him again next January for a routine checkup.   Praise the Lord our God and healer, who forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases!  (Psalm 103:3)


Nadal News Update – May 2014

The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all! Psalm 103:19

Even though you haven’t heard from us in the last few months I want to reassure you that we are still alive and well in Toulouse, France, and we continue to do the work of His kingdom, according to our calling and the destiny He has laid out for us. We are comforted by the fact that we are under His kingdom rule, and in His presence we are filled with His joy and pleasure. (Psalm 16:11) Our present and our future are in His hands!

Dan continues to stand in the gap for the persecuted church in the world through a well known ministry. He continues to lead a monthly prayer meeting in our church, plus he is planning another ministry trip in order to bring Bibles and encourage the church in Algeria. The trip is set for the month of November. Please pray for the organization of this trip.

Dan is also involved on a more local level, in encouraging and ministering to former Muslims who have come to Christ, and in evangelizing Muslims. This “mission field” in France is white for the harvest. Pray for Dan and others who are working in this harvest of millions of souls! He and a friend lead a twice monthly prayer and testimony meeting with Muslims and former Muslims.

Dan and I are both involved in our local chapter of the Healing Rooms ministry. The ministry functions every 1st and 3rd Monday, in the afternoon and in the evening. Dan joins the group that ministers in the evening, and I am a part of the afternoon group. While Dan is part of one of the prayer teams, I occasionally take part in the prayer ministry but am mostly involved in leading worship during the preparation time with the teams and then while the teams pray in different rooms, I lead worship in the waiting room. I’m also a part of the new worship team that we’ve put together so that when we have conferences (like one we had in late April) we minister in music and worship instead of bringing in outside groups.

I continue to serve the Lord in the local prayer house in our church 5 days a week. Some of the prayer watches I lead are according to a theme and others are just according to the Lord’s leading at the moment. The themes are: kingdom economy, life of the church and prayer for France. We are fortunate to have occasional seminars and conferences with speakers coming from Bethel Church and from IHOP Kansas City to encourage us and enlarge our vision of God’s kingdom and purposes.

The family is doing well. Our daughter Suzie and her husband Bryan, will be moving to Tampa, Florida in August. They’ve been living separately because of their work with the USAF this last year, so they are both excited about finally being able to live together! Sons Jeremiah, Zachary and Marc-Antoine are all doing well in their jobs in France. Marc-Antoine is the only one still living at home and finishing his Master’s degree in Math, plus in his spare time he’s tutoring high school students. Jeremiah lives 2-hours away, in the family house. We’ll be seeing him this weekend. Zachary lives about 5 minutes away and is crazy busy with his two music bands (heavy metal and blues) and teaching and administrating at a music school in Toulouse. We see him occasionally when I make a roast for dinner!


Nadal News Update – January 2014

 Dan and I have been doing well.  Dan continues working full time (to pay the rent!) and serving the Lord both at his job (witnessing to his fellow construction buddies) and helping out in ministering to former Muslims and praying for the persecuted church in the world.  He recently started a prayer meeting in our local church to gather the believers to pray for the Christians in this world who, because of persecution, need our prayer support.  Next month a national representative from Open Doors ministries will be joining our group meeting.  Dan’s also been counseling and praying for the man in our city who runs the Christian bookstore – Dan can’t deny the pastor’s heart that he has even when he’s no longer got the official title.  That’s who he is!

Dan has been a part of the Healing Rooms ministry of our local church for this past year, and when a new training session was offered this past autumn, I decided to attend.  My vision and purpose for pursuing this training is to discover and develop the link between healing and worship, which I have shared with some of the leaders.  Now that I’m done with the Bible teaching part of the training I’m starting the practical part-“the hands on” part!  Interesting to note that this ministry along with the prayer meeting for the persecuted church is the first time Dan and I have done anything together since we left the pastoral ministry in Le Puy-en-Velay 7 years ago.  Could this be a sign of things to come?

 We are still praying about our future, whether the Lord would have us stay in France in some ministry capacity once Dan retires in 2015 or whether He would have us move back to the states.  And where in the states?  I’m leaning to Louisiana (home of the Saints and Duck Dynasty – yes, we watch Duck Dynasty, and before you say or think anything, just know that we love the entertainment value of the show, with all its quirks, despite what has been said about the political or religious views of this reality show family.  The show makes us laugh and is clean fun…And yes, the New Orleans Saints is my favorite NFL football team.)  But really, I know that decisions about where to live are not based on such things, so don’t get your undies in a wad!  Now Dan would love to move back to California because that’s where all our stateside family lives (at least for now!).   But truly I’d prefer to stay in France because our three sons live here!  God knows all this, and we’re trusting that He will work it out.

I continue to be active at the local prayer house and involved in a small way with the national prayer movement.  God is good, and He continues to lead us to higher and deeper places of His presence and His glory as we serve Him here in Toulouse.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday week with our four children.  Suzanne flew into France from Monterey, California, where she continues to study until next June at the Naval Postgraduate School there.  Her husband, Bryan, flew up from Algeria, where he is working as a military attaché at the US Embassy there.  Zachary (living about a mile away from us in a studio apartment), Marc-Antoine (still living at home and finishing his studies), Dan and I all drove over to the family house where our son Jeremiah lives, to spend the holidays together.  We had fun eating, visiting the area, playing games, giving presents, sharing stories and such things that families do at Christmas!


Nadal News Update September 2013

Why do I like the beginning of the fall school schedule?  First and foremost, it speaks of the end of something and the beginning of something new.  On the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah – this year starting September 4th at sundown – denotes the Jewish New Year.  Well, for us Nadals in France, it certainly feels like a new year is starting up this September 2013.  The end of summer is also the beginning of a new season.  Starting this September Dan and I are entering into a new season in our lives.  It corresponds with Dan turning 65 on September 19th.  It also is related to my Mom’s passing in June, after her 1 ½ year battle with cancer.  This summer felt a bit like a transition period to us.  It was a time to mourn (Mom’s unexpected death), a time to rejoice (our daughter Suzie’s wedding 2 weeks later) and a time to look to and prepare for the future.

Some would call this season in our lives a transitional season.  Perhaps it is.  We’ve been in France 27 years (since August 1986), serving the Lord in many different ways – from cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, cooking meals, and building foundation walls at a Bible school to pastoring a church to evangelizing in the streets to praying for the nation and Europe, to ministering to the persecuted church.  We are at a time of reflection, a time to ponder about our future (and if there is one?) in France.  Dan, who has been “tent-making” as a carpenter for the last 7 years, is questioning how many more months he has in his job before he is either laid off because of age or he quits because he’s tired!  To be honest, he’s tired of “tent-making” and wants to get back to full-time ministry.  Please pray with us as we wait upon the Lord to hear and see His direction forward at this time.

I’m transitioning back into prayer house ministry, after many months of sporadic activity because of my frequent trips to the states to be with Mom and also because of my health, which, Praise the Lord, looks to be doing much better.  Thank you for your prayers!  I’m even back to playing tennis.  After almost a year off of competition I started getting back into shape by taking a condensed 10-hour tennis course last week and then played in a team meet last weekend.  My fingers are a bit sore from all the guitar, and the rest of my body sore from tennis, but it feels good to be out again, doing what I love!

I’ll be sharing a little more with you in the months to come what exactly goes on at the prayer house and why God has me spend my mornings there!  I also hope to share with you our journey through this transitional season – where God is leading us, how He is speaking to us and the implications for our future.

Dan is flying to Nice this coming weekend, to visit with a missionary couple, Wayne and Phyllis Cline, that  we’ve known since coming to France.  Pray God’s protection over him.


Nadal News Update June 2013

 Just catching up with y’all!  Time goes by so quickly, and before you know it we’re in June, and we’re getting ready for our family trip to California for our daughter Suzie’s wedding!

Before I (Anne) talk about that, I just want to fill you in on some of what has been happening since our last email update in April.

I asked you to pray for my upcoming trip to Spain with a group from our church in Toulouse.  We went April 26-28 to Tarragona, Spain, for a network meeting of pastors and intercessors from Italy, Spain, France, Holland and Sweden.  We got to know each other, prayed together for each other and for our host city (see photo), plus each nation’s team was able to share from the word and in worship.  Our team from France shared on Sunday.  The two pastors from our team co-preached, and I led the worship – a combination of French, English and Spanish.  Since I’m the only one of our Toulouse team involved in worship I asked some other nations’ worshippers to help with worship – those from Holland and from Spain.  Wow, I’ve seen nothing like it!

The European nation of Spain is in great need of prayer these days.  Things are very tough there economically speaking.  Unemployment is at almost 28%!  And those who do have jobs are fortunate if they are paid their salaries!  In spite of this we found the teams from Spain very positive in their outlook and vision.  They are truly looking to God for their provision.  Today, June 8th, is an international day of prayer for Spain so we in our church will be spending time interceding for our “neighbor”, for God’s healing rain, for an outpouring of His Spirit and for His provision!

Because I’m a board member of the French prayer network called “Objectif France” I was invited to take part in a very special, momentous national gathering at the end of May, which featured meetings with American ministers – Chuck Pierce and worship leader Paul Wilbur.  It was an exciting time of collective prayer for the nation, and a time of restoration of collective vision for the nation!  The gathering culminated with a concert given by Paul Wilbur in collaboration with top French worship leaders and a choral made up of people from 27 different churches in the Paris area.  There were about 2,000 people in attendance, quite a big crowd for France.  I was assigned a front row seat for the concert!

This weekend (June 8th) there’s a youth group meeting in our church with our friends Pro-rugby players Len and Willis as guest speakers.  I’ll be helping with translation.  I’ve been helping in many various translation projects in recent months – mostly for the youth group newsletter, a CD being made to bless Israel, and for various workshop meetings.  But my heart is in the time I spend in the prayer house.

There is still much to be done in getting ready for our travel to California on June 25th.  I still haven’t bought a dress for the wedding.  We just finished getting my “men “ (husband Dan, and sons Jeremiah, Zachary and Marc-Antoine) outfitted in style for the wedding.  Dan and Jeremiah will only be staying in California for less than 2 weeks.  Zachary, Marc and I will be staying for 3 weeks.  I will be spending 2 of those weeks in Menifee with my Mom and sister Linda while my brother and his family are on vacation.


Nadal News Update – April 2013

During Easter weekend Anne helped out in worship and some translation for a professional rugby player national ministry weekend called “Champions Weekend”.

There’s a group of Christian rugby men living and playing for a team in our area of Toulouse  (3 of them are in the photo to the right), and they have been attending church in recent weeks.  Anne often helps in translating, from French to English, the worship service for some of these men and their wives.  One couple is from South Africa and another is from New Zealand.  This group is praying about starting an English-French church in the area as a continued outreach to rugby players, their wives and families and other athletes in the area.  Pray that the Lord lead them in His strategy for reaching this sector of society.

Anne will be traveling to Spain with a group from our church for a leaders retreat for Spanish pastors and leaders.  This will be her second time traveling to Spain with this group.  Pray that the Lord will move in and through them for all that they are called to be and do.  We’ll most likely spend some time praying in the city where the retreat is being held, Taragona.

Anne’s prayer trip to Northern Ireland was canceled, perhaps until next year.  Pray for God’s leading and timing for the future trip. 

Dan continues to be a light and a witness for God at his construction job, and he has gotten more and more involved in the healing rooms ministry in our church.  Plus he prays every Saturday with the man who runs the Christian bookstore in town.  He still hopes to make another trip to North Africa to minister to those of the “persecuted church”.  Pray that the Lord will give him a traveling-ministry partner for his future trips.


Nadal News Update – Special Israel report October – November 2012:

My American friend, Liz Lelion (married to a Frenchman, avid quilter like myself and living in Nantes) and I, joined a group of 6 people from Northern Ireland on an 11-day trip to Israel in late October.  Every time I’ve been to Israel the Lord has touched me in a special way, and this time was no exception.

One thing the Lord led me to do was to meditate on a passage of scripture in Psalm 18 in preparation for this trip.  Verses 33-36 say, “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights.  He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.  You give me your shield of victory, and your right hand sustains me; you stoop down to make me great.  You broaden the path beneath me, so that my ankles do not turn.”  (NIV)

I think the Lord was sharing something with me for my personal edification.  He was reminding me of my call to the high places, especially in worship and intercession (spiritual warfare).  He has really emphasized this in recent weeks.
But He was also directing me in my intercession for the nation I was in.  One of the first places we visited on our trip was the Peace Vista (Golan Heights) The Lord reminded me of the passage so I took out my iPhone to read it.  The second part of verse 33 says, He enables me to stand on the heights!   There we were on the “heights” looking down on the Kinneret Sea (Sea of Galilee) which was looking so peaceful.  We were reminded though, that during the 1967 war Syria used that mountain top to shoot down on the inhabitants below.  And we were reminded of why Israel wants to keep that strategic location today so that such things will never happen again.

At another location which sits on the Golan Heights overlooking Syria in the distance, the Lord had me read the passage aloud to remind Israel of what God said which is still valid today. I was with Liz who then said that verse 43 was also important, and we read that too and then prayed for Israel’s peace and safety.  I think it’s interesting that I read in a newspaper article just a few days later 3 Syrian tanks “wandered” into the no man’s land between the two countries in the Golan Heights.  The article said that this was the first time in 40 years that such a thing has happened.  Then just a few days ago I read that Syria launched “accidently” 3 mortar shells into Israel in the Golan Heights!  I believe God wants to remind Israel of their position and to not give into this obvious provocation from Syria!

But I believe God is also speaking to the people about the “heights or high places” of God.  While in Israel I read an article in the USAToday newspaper that stated that more and more Jews were going up to the Temple Mount to pray!  The highest calling we have, that the Jews have, is to be in the high place with God.  That’s where we see Him, we worship Him, we communion with Him, where He reveals strategies and trains us in battle for victory.

People in the US and even in Israel are troubled because Obama won the presidential election.  I believe that we are again reminded to go to the heights and pray.  As believers this is our ultimate position.  We need to pray for Obama to receive direction from God for the nation.  We were told by our hosts in Israel that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is on the phone every morning with a Christian man who prays with him and advises him.  I pray the Obama would also have good counsel!

Another high point I lived while in Israel was the day we visited the desert city of Jericho While waiting for our group to finish shopping, I sat down by a fountain of water with mosaic inscriptions.  One mosaic talked about the spring of water in Jericho which was made pure by the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 2).  While spending some time with the Lord in prayer and worship I started reminding the land that that spring would never again cause death or make the land unproductive.  I prophesied productivity over the land near Jericho, and that a new company of prophets would rise forth over that area.  Jericho is a gateway into Israel, a place that the people passed by on their way to Jerusalem.  I prophesied that Jericho would become a blessing to God’s people who are on their way to meet with God, a place of vision and revelation.

Lastly, while we were at Caiaphas’ palace and in the jail cell where Jesus was kept on the last night of his life, the Lord quickened to my heart the words, “He was willing, and He went willingly”.  I sensed that the Lord was seeking again to point out to me personally the importance of “surrender” to Him, to His will, to His ways.   Surrender is often a subject that the Lord likes to highlight to me when I’m in Israel!


Nadal News Update – July 2012

Anne spent 3 weeks visiting with her family in California and taking care of her Mom while brother Mike and his family went on their annual houseboat vacation.  While there she noted that (Good news!) her Mom’s health is stable.  Although she is not yet healed from the Leukemia that she was diagnosed as having in January 2012, and she continues the monthly chemo treatments, she hasn’t had a blood transfusion since late May, and her blood tests show signs of the disease’s regression.   Also as an added benefit of the chemo that she has been taking, her COPD condition as disappeared, and she hasn’t been using oxygen for the past 2 months.  Continue to pray for her complete healing.  She’s been struggling with a serious problem of incontinence.

Anne also spent a wonderful weekend with daughter Suzie.  They spent time catching up, wedding dress shopping and basically having fun.

On the trip back to Toulouse via Amsterdam Anne lost her passport.  Fortunately she was able to apply for another one at the consulate in Toulouse, a consulate that we ignored the existence of until this incidence.  Speaking of passports, our youngest son Marc-Antoine was set to fly to Tokyo June 29th, but at the last minute we realized that his passport was expired.  So we ended up having to pay for a new airplane ticket, and he flew out 4 days later than planned.  Praise report:  We were wondering how we were going to pay for another plane ticket, but God is good, and He supplied through a special gift that we got in July!

Anne had planned on going to Israel in July, but in May the Lord showed her that that was not His plan for her so she canceled the ticket.  (Third ticket cancellation of the year, and before this time we had never cancelled a ticket before!)  Not only would she have had a passport problem, having lost her US passport in Amsterdam, but also she started having pain in her neck, shoulder and arm, symptoms that the physical therapist said resembled whiplash, without having had or been in an accident!  Strange.  So please pray for Anne, for her healing.  She’s in a lot of pain.

Because of the pain Anne has been keeping a light schedule, with just a few watches a week at the prayer house.  She was delighted to have been able to spend time with her Irish friends last week and some Spanish friends this week.  We were able to have a great time of prayer at the prayer house for those nations as well as for them personally.   Pray especially for Spain.  They are experiencing the worst time of unemployment in many years – 25% of the adult population is unemployed.  Many others are employed but haven’t been paid in weeks or months.

A trip to Israel is set for the end of October.  She will be going with a small group from Northern Ireland.  Daniel is still hoping to go to Tunisia to minister to the persecuted church in that country before the end of the year.  Pray that he will be paired with the right person for this special time.



June 2012

Nadal News Update

2 Kings 6:16 says, « Don’t be afraid …Those who are with us are more than those who are with them. »  As intercessors and laborers in the Harvest, the Lord is continuing to sharpen our “eye sight” so that we see spiritually up and above, beyond, and behind what our natural eyes see.  God has established nations and given nations each a purpose, a calling, a destiny, and in these nations He has established cities, each with unique gifting and calling.  But often what we see with our natural eyes are the results of sin – war, destruction, blood shred, idolatry, etc.  This last weekend a team from our church here in Toulouse went to Spain, to the city of Zaragoza, to pray for the city, and to encourage the local church there.

Our team arrived Saturday noon after having made the 5-hour drive over the Pyrenees Mountains.  We were met by 4 pastors from the city, each from different churches.  We spent all Saturday afternoon, in 95° heat, praying with these pastors and others at different important places in the city.  Then we sat down for a quick lunch (5 pm!) of Tapas followed by some ice cream.  We later returned to the church where we discussed what we saw with our natural and spiritual eyes in the city.  It was a rich time of sharing and then prayer together before we all left the church to go to our lodgings.

I (Anne) stayed with a family, and none of the family members spoke English or French, but the father had a smart phone translation app, and we had fun with that in the evening until dinner and then bedtime.

The following day we attended church and ministered to the people.  Many came forward for healing, to receive joy, and to be blessed.  I lead our team (7 people including 2 pastors and one elder) in a song to bless the church, and then one of our pastors preached the Word.

Dan and his friend Gilles brought some Sri Lankan children up to the foot of the Pyrenees’ mountains last weekend to see the releasing of the sheep to higher pastures, an annual event made into a festival.  The local priest was there to bless the sheep!  Sorry, no picture because Dan didn’t take a camera with him.

After Dan and Gilles came down from the mountains they attended the bi-monthly Oasis Muslim outreach meeting.

Prayer points:

I (Anne) will be travelling to California June 17th to take care of my Mom, Joanne, for 3 weeks while my brother and his wife take a much needed vacation.  Pray that Joanne continues to respond well to the chemotherapy treatments she has been receiving for her Leukemia, and that our time together be restful and memorable.

I’ve just started a treatment for the constant migraines I’ve been having these past several months.  Pray for my healing.  Pray that this time in California be restorative – body, soul and spirit.

My trip to Israel in July was cancelled, and I will now be going to Israel in October with a group from Bangor, Northern Ireland.  Pray that all the details of this trip come together and that what we live there in Israel be a blessing to our hosts, to the nation and to ourselves!

Dan very much wants to go to Tunisia this year for his work amongst the persecuted church.  Please pray that he will find a willing male partner to go with him.


June 2011

Family News

I had a great time with family and friends, and with visiting two of our supporting churches, while in California in May.  One of the highlights was my discovery trip to Monterey with my daughter Suzie.  Suzie is a major in the US Air Force, currently teaching in their Weapons school in Las Vegas, but she will soon be heading to Monterey, California to attend the prestigious Defense Language Institute on the Army base there.  She will be taking a 13-month long intensive study of Arabic.  From there she will go to the Middle East for 6 months immersion in the language.  Then she will head back to Monterey to work towards a Master’s degree in Regional studies at the Naval Postgraduate School, an almost 3-year study-charged program.  While we visited the area in May, we were stunned at its rugged beauty and warm mild climate.  We did some preliminary house-hunting and also tried out the local cuisine at the Fishermen’s Wharf. Yum!

While I was in the states, son #2  Zachary, 22, moved out of the house and into his own studio apartment, leaving us with only one son left at home.  Zachary just spent his first school year teaching music theory and loving it.  He hopes to get even more teaching hours in next year, since he is only paid for the school season months that he works.

Marc-Antoine, 19, has just finished his second year of prep school and has taken the first leg of entrance exams to the engineering schools in France.  The second and final leg of exams are oral exams, and he will be going to Paris for those in 10 days.  He would like to get into a school here in Toulouse, but if that doesn’t happen, Dan and I could find ourselves with an empty nest come September!  We’ll keep you informed.

Jeremiah is still living at the Nadal family house, a 2-hour drive away.  In his spare time he has been doing some renovation on the house, replacing the kitchen and dining room ceiling.  The next big job is putting in new insolation and knocking down an old out-building.  Dan will be taking 2 weeks’ vacation from work to help with that job, and his brother Chris will be coming to France to lend a hand.

Ministry News

Dan’s trip to North Africa (to minister to the persecuted church) has been put off for some months to come because the ministry he has applied to doesn’t have another person for him to travel with at this time.  He may yet be able to go to Algeria in the fall.

I continue to be active in intercession for the nation.  I co-led a workshop at the France on Fire conference a few weeks ago, on the subject of the intercessor/watchmen network that we launched last November.  I continue to be involved in our church’s prayer house called “Maison des parfums”, and also with the national prayer movement called Objectif France.  I will be attending a board meeting for the movement in July.  And on occasion, I do some prayerwalking, as was the case a few weeks ago when I took 2 South African intercessors to Albi (see photo of fig tree above) to pray for a family and the city.

We appreciate your prayer coverage and your input.  And if you feel led to support us financially, you can click on the support info menu on this site for the details.  We’d love to hear from you, so write us at our email address:


February 2011

Our trip to Normandy .  It was a trip down memory lane, though the memories weren’t our own.  They were of another generation, the ones who fought in WWII or who were witnesses of the pain of it. 

Anne was invited to share in a women’s prayer breakfast in Cherbourg, and Dan was asked to give a short message at the worship service later that day.  We stayed with some lovely people, Pierre and Genevieve Guillaume.  They are leading a small church in Cherbourg and have been living in the area for more than 30 years.  When we weren’t ministering in church Pierre and Genevieve took us out visiting the countryside in their area, an area full of history and of interest to us Americans because of the WWII D-day beaches and the involvement of the American military in the Battle of Normandy.  We saw ruins of the bunkers built and used by the Germans as fortification all along the coastline of France.  We saw the craters made by the allied bombs as the D-Day advance was fully engaged.  We saw remains of what was an artificial harbor the allies built in 2 days along the coast in Normandy.  We saw road signs commemorating fallen American soldiers.  We saw stained-glass windows commemorating the US paratroopers that liberated the city in the church in the town of St. Mere Eglise.  We saw an American military cemetery sitting along one of D-day’s famous beaches, Omaha Beach.

There were other interesting and odd details about the Cherbourg region.  One such detail is of a port town that built their stone jetties in the middle ages with the stones running vertically, almost as a sign that the area has always resisted “going with the flow” of things.  In history Cherbourg resisted the Protestant Reformation, and today it only has 4 Protestant churches.  But it would seem that the people are responding to the Gospel as never before.  God is purifying  and healing the land (many people including Pierre and Genevieve have prayed in the different places of bloodshed and witchcraft), and as a result there is a new openness to know God. 

The coastline near Cherbourg is beautiful and wild, and we hope to one day go back to do some hiking on the trails that overlook the rugged shores.

We had an “in between” day to visit other places of interest not far from Cherbourg, on our way to Nantes, where Anne was invited to help with a patchwork class and share at another ladies meeting.  So we visited the port city of Saint Malo and then well-known island city of Mont Saint Michel.  We also celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.

The patchwork class was interesting.  Anne was to show the ladies how to create a patchwork wall-hanging that features photos printed on fabric.  She chose to make the wall-hanging of a tree representing life, with a Bible verse (Jeremiah 17:7-8) and photos of our children as fruit hanging from the tree printed on the fabric.  Each lady who attended had their own sort of creativity, and it showed in their choice of fabric and of colors used, revealing the uniqueness of each one of us.  

It was a bit tricky to then transition from the patchwork class to sharing her testimony at a ladies evening evangelism meeting, but the Lord’s grace was with her and the ladies were blessed.  It is interesting to note that there were ladies representing different nations at the meeting, notably from Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Algeria – all three nations which have suffered serious conflict in the past few months.  Please pray for Sonia, a Franco-Tunisian woman, for her salvation.

Anne’s coming schedule is as following:

March11th and 12th:  Travel to Paris for the Objectif France consultation meeting, then attend the prayer and worship gathering that will kick off the 21-days of prayer and fasting for France this year.

April 14th to 20th:  Travel to Belfast, Ireland where Anne will attend a women’s conference, visit some sites and ministries in Belfast, including a ministry to prostitutes, and visit and pray at Bangor, a place known for its history of more than two hundred years of 24/7 prayer and worship.  She will be going to connect with her Irish roots and to touch the waters of that “well”.

April 25th to May 23rd:  Travel to Southern California to visit family, friends and churches.

June 2nd to June 5th:  Travel with Dan to the Cevennes Mountains for the France en Feu national gathering.

Dan continues his ministry to Muslims on the job and to former Muslims.  He will be travelling March 12th and 13th to Lyon for the national “Open Doors” ministry meeting to look into how he can help and minister those of the persecuted church in the world.

 To see the recent photos of our trip to Normandy/Nantes and everything we visited in between, click here.