26 Apr

seagullApostle Paul made tents so he could live and minister. There have been times in our missionary career when Dan and I have had to “tent-make”. Dan worked the first few years we were in France, doing odd minimum wage jobs. Then he worked again a few times during the summer when we were in Bible school in the 90s. Once we moved to Toulouse in 2006 Dan got a full time carpentry job until he retired at 67 years of age this January. During that time I took care of the children and did some ministry – more in the latter years with Dan working full time. Now that he’s retired I thought I’d try my hand at bringing in some additional funds (besides our missionary support and Dan’s Social Security and retirement money) by doing what I do best as an artistic expression of God’s creative gift that He gave me. It may sound pretentious, but I’m convinced that we all have some form of God-given creative expression in us just waiting to be released! Well, here goes…
I’ve opened a “shop” on Etsy which you can visit by clicking on this link: Nissi Quilt Creations