The Fantastic Four for Christmas

28 Dec

We had a very nice Christmas, all together, at St. Pardoux – the family house where Jeremiah lives.  Suzie came from Monterey.  Bryan joined us from Algeria.  The rest of us drove 2 hours to join Jeremiah.  We partied for 3 whole days – Raclette, Foie Gras, Pumpkin pie, Turkey with special stuffing, Cream cheese pie, home-made Christmas cookies, Duck Magret and oysters!  Poor Jeremiah was suffering from some undiscovered throat ailment and needed to be taken to the hospital for IV antibiotics (Dr. Anne says it’s a kind of tonsilitis, meaning I can’t figure out what it is to describe it in English!)  Here’s a picture of my “Fantastic Four” children.  I would have gotten a picture with Bryan, but he was suffering too, with a sore throat!  That’s what French Christmas partying does to you!FANTASTIC FOUR