Looking for God…In all the right places!

22 Nov

Remember the tune, “looking for love in all the wrong places”…?  Well, I think sometimes we are looking for God in all the wrong places.  We are expecting Him to show up when we want, in the way we want, for as long as we want, to do what we want Him to do.  God is not a vending machine.  He does and will come often to bless us, sometimes even when we expect Him to, but not always.

It would seem that we are in a time where God shows up when we least expect it, where we least expect it, to do what we least expect Him to do!  Thank God that He does!

I told you about the fig tree growing out of the side of the Cathedral in Albi, France.  God’s message of sovereignty was also illustrated to me by the wild tomato plant I found growing amongst the weeds in my backyard in June.  I replanted the tomato plant, watered it, and it grew and produced fruit.  Well, God “struck” again.  This week I found a pansy growing in my front lawn, perhaps not an unusual thing for some, except it’s the month of November and normally all is already in hibernation for the winter by now.  At this time last year we had already had our first snow storm.

I’ve been asking God a lot of questions recently, about life, about ministry, about why we live in Toulouse, about what He wants us to do and where.  I’m not getting too many answers to my questions, but I’m “finding God” in the seemingly spontaneous occurrences of life.  I see His sovereignty, His love of beauty, His grace and light even amongst the ugliness and darkness.

My prayer is that He will open our eyes to help us to see Him in the unusual things that happen around us every day.  He is there.  He is here.  Open our eyes to see you in all the right places, God. Amen.


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