Sign of the Fig Tree

17 Jun

For the past 6 months I’ve been meditating alot about fruit trees and what they represent.  I’ve even made three quilt projects these past months representing fruit trees! 

There are many Bible passages that talk about trees.   Leaves stay green if the tree is rooted near water.  Some produce fruit and others don’t.  Jesus cursed such a fruitless fig tree in one Bible passage.  And in another he told the parable of the fig tree that hadn’t produced even after 3 years.  It was given one more year, with fertilizer and care, to produce or it too would be cut. (Luke 13)

Tree fruit is good for eating (most of the time – I admit I detest dates!).  People fruit is usually in the form of children – we don’t eat them!  Ministry fruit is good works and tangible signs that God is been in a place, touched a life, left His mark!   Evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives is demonstated in our characters.  God is looking for fruit, some sign that He has been effective in our lives.

Two weeks ago I was prayerwalking in the French city of Albi, about 60 km north of Toulouse.  And I saw a most unusual sight – a fig tree growing high up on the wall of the city’s Catholic cathedral.  2 days later a well-known American prophet prophesied over France concerning the fig tree in Luke 13.

What does this sign mean for us in France, for the ciy of Albi, and for me?  God, because of His infinite grace and love for us, is reminding us that He desires to be made manifest in our lives.  Fruit is that manifestation – whether it be through our productivity in life – family and work or in ministry with tangible signs that He is at work – people healed and coming to Christ, answers to prayer, etc. or in our Spirit-changed characters.  

But the sign of the fig tree in Albi especially emphasizes the uniqueness and supernaturalness of God’s work in us.  Where we think we would be the least effective, the weakest, where we think it is impossible, that nothing good can come from it, this is where God will work so that His greatness and awesome power will be made manifest to all!  He takes the foolish things and uses them to confound the wise!  We just need to surrender to the “Master Gardener”, the one who has the greenest thumb on earth!  He will take us, prune us, fertilize us, water us, and Fruit will result!!!!