Going against the flow

16 Feb

Food for thought…

Some people just can’t go with the flow. Some people like to swim direction upstream. Some people get into going against the grain.
Well, we visited a town in Normandy a few days ago. I think the people must be like that. There are signs of it. See this photo of Dan.

We can be this way too.  –Contrary–.  Saying no when everyone says yes.  Stopping when everyone else starts.  Talking when people are silent.

For sure we need to work on our character.  Being contrary is not a compliment, and it’s obnoxious.  But on the otherhand as Christians we are not called to dance to the same tune as the world, or walk in the same manner as just anyone.  Sometimes going against the flow is what we are called to do, especially when the flow is leading us into trouble, into unnecessary danger, away from God.

Building our lives according to God sometimes rubs people wrong, sometimes seems the opposite of what you are “supposed to do”. 

The flow is easy to go along with.  It’s a current that just pulls you along.  Sometimes going against it is hard work and takes concentration.  But the fruit of it abides forever, withstands the storms of time, and makes us steady, sturdy people.


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