Adventure Blues

3 Feb

Have you ever felt tired of the idea, just imagining, time away from home, time that is supposed to be a sort of “vacation”? Well, this is the way I’m feeling right now, tired.
All the preparation for this upcoming trip (tomorrow at the crack of dawn – a 9 to 10 hour drive -yawn!!!) has got me tired and needing a nap! And I’m not even close to being ready!
I sit at my desk, eating TicTacs hoping that they will somehow wake me up, with their minty freshness.
Tomorrow we are going into unknown territory – the Cherbourg region of France, where you find the famous D-Day beaches. I’m hoping we will enjoy visiting those and all the other good stuff to see in the area.
I hope the weather is okay. Nothing like imagining yourself visiting the beach where the winds are blowing at 200 mph and the rain is coming down in deluge form and icy cold. Kinda like the scene from the movie “Saving Private Ryan”! Only in the more recent version of a similar movie (the one going on in my head!) Dan and I just get shot down by the wind and rain. This movie is called “Saving the Nadals from Certain Death (because they were unlucky to visit the Normandy beaches on the worst weather day of the century!)”. Back to real life… I have been reassured by our hosts that that part of the Normandy coastline is the warmest spot in France. “We shall see”, I say to myself with more than a hint of uncertainty!
Then after a few days ministering and visiting the Cherbourg area, then perhaps a little “Bretagne” before heading to Nantes. The last time I was in Nantes the weather was a bit like I just described above! And I had a raging head-cold. Well, this time we will be mostly indoors working on patchwork projects. I should feel somewhat relieved since this is normally a “no-brainer” hobby for me. Well, this particular patchwork workshop has turned out to be quite a challenge. I’m wondering if I am going to survive it!
Well, although the TicTacs have kept me awake, they don’t seem to have “perspective-changing and courage-giving” qualities. I need a nap, or maybe a Calgone bath, or both!
Any suggestions?…


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