iPhone Alarm Blues

3 Jan

I’ve got the iPhone alarm blues. After 2 weeks of vacation (you know – over-eating, getting up late, watching too much TV, etc.) I wanted to get up early on Sunday morning. I set my alarm for 7 am so I could have the quiet house to myself. But I woke up only to hear Dan moving about. Darn, no quiet house. When Dan is awake, everyone knows it! I look at my iPhone to see what time it is – 7:30 ! What?!! The unimaginable thing happened. My iPhone failed me. I checked and checked. It was set at 7. The mute button wasn’t on. The volume was correct. This just couldn’t be happening. Well, okay maybe I did something wrong.
But on Monday morning I again woke up late without the help of my iPhone. What’s the deal?
In talking with Dan and Marc at the dinner table tonight (yes, we do actually eat together and sometimes actually have a conversation over dinner!) they announced that they had heard that there is an iPhone alarm bug going around. It looks like I caught it. Hope it’s not like a cold which usually lasts a week. I need, I mean I really need my alarm. I can’t even remember what I used to do to wake up on time in the before-iPhone days. Somehow I managed, but I can’t remember how.
This is serious. I begin to wonder. What if something else doesn’t work on my iPhone? My contact list, any or all of my apps, my ipod… How will I live?
Um, maybe I should write Apple a letter to complain. I’ll just have to get on my iPhone to look for the address…


One Response to “iPhone Alarm Blues”

  1. Suzie January 4, 2011 at 1:30 am #

    Well, I had 0 problems with my android 🙂

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