Christmas Confusion

22 Dec

We are having a particularly enjoyable Christmas season.  We sold the piano that was taking up the space where we put half a Christmas tree last year.  Now we can put up the whole thing.  You know, one of those reusable fake trees.  It does the job nicely.

I’ve brought out the stockings and other decorations as well, including some cute blocks (I placed on the fireplace mantle) that you can spell out NOEL with.  The boys, who haven’t learned to be serious about such things, keep spelling other things with the blocks.  The latest word:  MOLE

I’ve had some fun with the holiday decorations at the supermarkets as well.  I took a photo of SANTA BUNNY or BUNNY CLAUS or whatever you think the name is of a man dressed as a pink bunny wearing a Santa Claus suit.  I guess we could call him EASTER CLAUS too.

What confusion!  Well, maybe we Christians are a little confused sometimes too.  After all, what is Christmas?  Today it is a day we usually get time off from work for, a day we eat too much turkey on, a day we have prepared for, for many weeks, by over-spending and overloading charges to our credit cards, cards that will take months to pay off!  Then again, we usually put on a little Christmas music to remind us what it’s all about, by the way.  Oh, that’s right, it’s about Christ’s birth. 

The unfortunate thing is that many times during the Christmas season we forget about Christ and are concerned more with the rest – the food, the cookies (Marc-Antoine and I outdid ourselves this year in making 6 varieties of cookies before my mixer broke down from overuse 🙂 !), the presents, the songs, the children’s school Christmas show (or  “holiday show” depending on whether they attend a Christian school or a public one), the classic Christmas movies (It’s a wonderful life, White Christmas, A Christmas Carol…)  etc. 

Now let’s go back to the pink bunny.  What’s with that?  Maybe Santa (Père Noël, in France) is too religious looking.  So why not a bunny.  Just take one of the secular symbols of Easter and insert into this “holiday season”.  There you go.  A new icon is formed.  Now we need to come up with a legend and maybe a song or two (a little like Frosty the Snowman) and maybe even a name-brand soda to sponsor it!    …Well, I think you get the point. 

And why is it that there are more suicides during such “holiday season” than at other times of the year?  What can we be doing during this season to better reflect the “reason for the season”, in word but especially in deed?

Please, someone,  give me another cookie while I think on that…

Merry Christmas to all!


2 Responses to “Christmas Confusion”

  1. Maria N December 23, 2010 at 5:33 pm #

    How’d they get MOLE from NOEL? Loved reading your cute commentaries.

  2. nadalsinfrance December 23, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    The blocks are cubes, each side with different letters. But there’s not the whole alphabet. So it’s a bit more of a challenge than it could be. Still, nothing is sacred to these boys!

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